Gissing House for Sale: Wahroonga, Australia

21 Jan
January 21, 2013

Built for a family of five, the Gissing House is surrounded by mature gardens with high trees.The house is orientated to the sun, facing north with the living area opening onto a paved terrace around a swimming pool. The gentle ground slope was used to create a lower ground floor (with dining, kitchen and family room) and above it, a bedroom level. The three levels are connected by centrally placed half-flights of stairs. At the meeting of the levels, the section of the house is ‘open’ to create a void, which spatially connects the different parts and creates changing vistas from one area to another as one moves through the house.Recurring circular elements contrast with the rectangular outline of the plan and its screen wall projections. Construction is of hollow concrete block piers vertically reinforced, evenly spaced three metres apart, supporting concrete floors and roof.

Location: Water Street, Wahroonga, Australia
Guide price: $ POA
Year built: 1972
House size: Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, 3,132 sq ft
Lot size: 18,169 sq ft
Features: Private parking, freehold, waterslide, garden, fishing

More details and images are available here.

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