Property Inspiration: Converted Defence Tower, Suffolk

28 Nov
November 28, 2012

This unique converted defence tower was designed by Piercy&Co. They have written the following about how they changed a historic relic into a private residence.

Converting a Napoleonic defence tower built in 1808 into a 21st Century private residence was a demanding brief. As a Scheduled Monument on the At Risk register and located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the planning negotiations were matched in complexity by the on-site logistics. The completed conversion won the support of English Heritage who heralds it as an exemplar of how to convert significant historical buildings.

The new roof follows many of the curves within the original building while the 3 metre thick solid bonded brick walls (originally designed to withstand cannon fire from the North Sea) create a massive base from which the new roof is tethered.

The simplicity of this massive form in the landscape hides the complexity and beauty of the plan and geometry.

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